M Y  P R A C T I C E


Finding the right therapist or psychiatrist for you is a very personal decision.  I am happy to talk by phone or schedule an initial consultation to provide you with a better sense of my style and approach. 


I generally see patients once or twice a week for 50-minute sessions.  The initial session is one hour and fifty minutes long to give me more time to get to know you and conduct a thorough interview.  If we feel that medications would be helpful, we can start those in conjunction with therapy.  However, I generally like to wait a few sessions before starting medications.  Both therapy and medications have been shown to be highly effective for many conditions.  However, studies consistently show that the combination produces the best results. 


I strongly believe that no matter how stuck you may feel, therapy can provide lasting insight and change in all areas of your life -- including intimate relationships, friendships, family and career.  We can discuss together which approach might work best for you.